Aqua Class Description

Aqua classes should not be mistaken as “easy.” Water is very suitable for all fitness levels, young and old. Whether you are coming back from an injury or are looking for an environment that surrounds you, literally, with resistance. Make the class as hard or easy as you need it to be. Classes meet in the exercise as well as the lap pools. No swimming skills are necessary and participants can modify all exercises to their level of fitness.

Aquaerobics: This class provides a vigorous workout that combines a longer cardio segment with strength and flexibility training at the end. A typical class consists of a 10-minute warm-up to increase the heart rate. The actual cardio workout lasts 35 minutes, with 20 minutes being vigorous activity that the participant modifies for his or her own level of fitness. The class finishes with a choice of abdominal work or body toning and a stretch.

Ai Chi: A slow, focused, moving meditation health exercise that when done in the water will help improve your mastery of balance.

Aquafit: This class is a high intensity aqua class that combines even segments of cardio and strength training either in intervals or by splitting the class time into even segments of each.

Aquakickbox: This vigorous workout combines punches and kicks in the water and use the natural resistance of the water to help you increase your stamina, core strength and flexibility. No boxing gloves needed!

Aquasculpt: This class uses buoyant aquatic equipment to help tone your upper and lower body as well as improve your core muscle to stabilize your body in water.

H2O Core + More: Postural training to increase mobility, flexibility, strength and muscular endurance in your core (abdominal and back muscles) based on pilates and yoga exercises in the water. Offered at Flamingo and Sandhill (East) only.

Hydrofit: A tough cardio workout in the lap pool using buoyancy equipment that will challenge your balance and improve proprioception (the unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli within the body itself).

Mobility Plus: An aqua class for those with arthritis and other uncomfortable, chronic orthopedic conditions and those who are returning to exercise after injury or illness.

Water Jogging: A simple cardio class in the water using the water for resistance to increase strength and cardiovascular fitness. Participants can modify jogging to a walk.

Class Schedules

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