5 Exercises You May Be Doing Wrong

Effective weight training depends on proper technique. The exercises below are frequently performed incorrectly. Follow these do’s and don’ts to maximize your weight training program.



Common Mistakes: flailing arms out, crossing the cables, or pulling with your arms

Correction: The movement should be smooth and controlled, driving from overhead to behind your knees using legs, core and upper body. 


Back Squat 

Common Mistakes: leaning forward (putting weight on your toes), forgetting to engage your core, not squatting deep enough

Correction: The movement should feel like you’re sitting back in a chair, then driving from your heels while keeping your core engaged until you reach the top.


Lat Pulldown  

Common Mistakes: pulling the bar behind your neck, using momentum to pull the bar down, using too wide of a grip

Correction: The movement should be a smooth and controlled pull down to your collar bone. Remember to keep your back straight and core engaged throughout the movement.


Stretch Cage

Common Mistakes: using the stretch cage for pull ups, single-leg squats, core exercises, etc. 

Correction: Follow the guide on the stretch cage for a total body stretch which can help during a warm up or cool down. Avoid any movements that are not stretches. 


Stepmill / Powermill

Common Mistakes: resting your body on the handrails

Correction: The stepmill is one of the most advanced cardio machines so maintain a pace that allows you keep hands away from the rails as much as possible. Rails should be used  for mounting and dismounting, and providing minimal assistance should you feel unsteady.

James Hamill

Fitness & Training
Read Time: 2 minutes

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