Cover Girl: Katrine Baker

LVAC Cover Girl - Katrine Baker

Meet our cover girl, LVAC member Katrine Baker. While being born and raised in Las Vegas, Katrine is fluent in French, because her mom is from France and she has grandparents still living there. She lights up when she talks about her family. “My family is everything to me. We are a blended family, so I have a step dad, step mom and three sisters. My family has supported me from day one and I couldn’t be more blessed.”

When we asked her what type of workouts and sports that she enjoys she replied, “Soccer, soccer and more soccer! Soccer has been a main focus throughout my life. I spent four years on a soccer scholarship at Indiana State University, playing on a division 1 level. I was honored to serve as team captain my senior year. I graduated from Indiana State University with a Bachelor of Science in athletic training.”

We also asked Katrine to share with members some information about her diet and workout programs. “I workout five times a week, two of which are cardio days where I usually run three miles. The other three days I lift weights. I try to focus on targeted functional power training.”

“I eat about five times a day. Small, healthy meals keep my metabolism at the same rate, allowing me to maintain a healthy figure. However, I don’t deny a hamburger or a French pastry if they happen to show up!” Outside of the gym, Katrine enjoys hanging out with her family and friends. She loves to hike, swim and shop and she travels internationally every year.