How do I stay informed about LVAC protocols and guidelines?

The best way to stay informed about our new facility protocols and member guidelines, as well as what to expect when you visit LVAC is to read our Reopening Plan. Please keep an eye out for frequent email updates. If you are not receiving these, be sure to check your spam filters to allow emails from       

Mask Guidelines

Do I have to wear a mask or face covering at LVAC?

In accordance with the updated Governor’s Directive, please bring a mask or face covering with you to the club and wear it when:

  • Entering and exiting the club, or in common areas
  • You are interacting with other people
  • Moving around the club, or moving from one exercise to the next
  • Exercise type and intensity allows for the wearing of a face covering
  • Performing low-intensity exercise like walking on the indoor track, stretching, yoga, Pilates, or similar exercises
  • Physical distancing is difficult and you cannot ensure 6 ft. of social distancing

Members are not required to wear a mask while performing vigorous exercise or if they have an exception due to a disability or medical condition.

If you do not bring a mask or face covering, you may not be permitted to enter the facility, unless you have an exemption such as a medical condition. If you do not wear your mask while moving around the club, you may be asked to leave.

Do I have to wear a mask during cardio? Group Fitness? Or in other areas of the gym?

Masks are not required while you are performing vigorous exercise, but you must continue to maintain 6 ft of social distancing in all areas of the club. If you are unable to maintain social distancing, or if you are interacting with people, masks are required.

I don’t have mask. Can I use a bandana or something similar? 

Yes, your mask or face covering should cover both mouth and nostrils and can be any of the following: Fabric (washable) mask, Paper (disposable) mask, or a Bandana or scarf. Please bring your own mask with you to the club. Masks will not be provided by LVAC. Masks will be available for purchase at the Juice Bar for $1.50 while supplies last.

What if I see someone not wearing a mask while not maintaining social distancing? 

Please be mindful that your fellow members may be exempt due to a disability or medical condition. Please be respectful, and know that LVAC will continue to enforce all members practice safe social distancing.

What if I have a medical condition that prevents me from wearing a mask?

If you are unable to wear a mask, or need to remove your mask due to a medical condition or disability, or other exemption, you must maintain proper social distancing guidelines.

Safety Measures Around the Club

When will the pool, sauna, steam and whirlpool be open? 

Our beautiful pool areas are open. While using the pools we ask that our members please adhere to the protocols here.

Whirlpool, dry sauna and steam rooms will remain closed in accordance with state mandates.

When will the locker rooms be open? 

State authorities (OSHA – Occupational Safety and Health Administration) are requiring all clubs to close the locker rooms and showers until further notice. This will go into effect on Sunday, July 26 at 5:00 PM. Restrooms and sinks are available, as are pools and the showers in the pool area. We encourage you to come dressed in your gym attire and leave valuables at home. To better accommodate our members, we will continue to allow one small bag on the fitness floor. LVAC drawstring bags are available for $5 at the Juice Bar, while supplies last.

When will the Playroom be open? 

Childcare playroom areas will remain closed until local authorities deem childcare facilities can be safely reopened. Upon reopening, these areas will follow best practices as determined by the Southern Nevada Health District and the Clark County Department of Business License. Enhanced measures will be taken consistent with CDC guidelines, cleaning practices and social distancing.

Are water fountains operational?  

We recommend that members please bring their own water bottle, as fountains will be closed in accordance with Southern Nevada Health District guidelines. Touchless water bottle fillers will be available to refill water bottles, but mouthpiece will be unavailable.

How will LVAC operate at 50% capacity? Will I have to wait in line or make a reservation to enter the club?

We are taking careful actions to facilitate social distancing. Look for extra signs to guide you through each space and help us all practice social distancing. We may implement necessary access limitations to allow for social distancing. We will abide by the Governor’s mandate which states that larger gyms are capped at 50% of occupancy per fire code, which, as you may recall, was previously implemented in early March and did not disrupt access to the clubs. Fortunately, our capacity limits are quite high given our facility’s square footage. To avoid capacity issues, we encourage members to try to plan their visit around non-peak hours, which include before 5 am, between 11 am – 5 pm, or after 8 pm.

Members will NOT be required to make a reservation to enter the club. Reservations will be required for Group Fitness.

What are your hours? 

LVAC will remain open 24/7.

Is TEAM Training available? 

Yes, TEAM training will be available as soon as we reopen. 

Is Personal Training available? 

LVAC Coaches will not be taking appointments for the first 2-3 weeks after reopening, as they work to reinforce social distancing guidelines and proper use of equipment around the clubs. If you work with an LVAC contract trainer please contact him/her for availability. 

Membership Information

When is my next payment?

After we reopen, payments will resume in the same amount and on the same monthly billing dates as were in effect prior to March 17. If you made a payment in March, prior to the clubs closing, we fully intend to credit all members for any time that they have paid for, but were unable to use the clubs. For more information or questions, please contact our Member Services Department by email ( or phone (702) 734-8944.

What happens if one of my membership options is not available?

If you wish to downgrade your membership or continue to freeze it once we have reopened, it is best to do so through our Member Services Department by email ( or phone (702) 734-8944.

How do I continue to take advantage of virtual fitness classes?

Check out our at-home workouts and online group fitness classes on the blog or on LVAC’s Facebook and Instagram pages. All workouts and classes are free and for everyone to enjoy – members and non-members alike! Additionally, our members can access 100+ free LesMills at-home workouts here and 800+ Premium Les Mills workouts here.

How do I freeze or cancel my membership?

We hope you choose to stay a part of the LVAC family during these unusual times. If you wish to cancel your membership or continue to freeze it, it is best to do so through our Member Services Department by email ( or phone (702) 734-8944.

What if I’m working out with someone from the same household or a friend, what are the restrictions?

You are welcome to workout with members of your household, spouses, etc. We ask that you please take care and adhere to our safety and social distancing guidelines.

Employee Guidelines

How is LVAC handling its employees COVID-19 screening at the club?

Before beginning their shift, all employees must complete a symptom screening and COVID-19 questionnaire in which we ask if they are exhibiting symptoms or have come in contact or have tested positive.  If an employee responds yes, they are not permitted to work and are asked to leave the premise immediately. Furthermore, if an employee answers YES to any screening question: 

  • Employees must follow the steps recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): What To Do if You Are Sick
  • Employees who test positive for COVID-19 may not return to work until the criteria to discontinue home isolation are met: Discontinuation of Home Isolation for Persons with COVID-19
  • Employees who have had close contact with a laboratory confirmed COVID-19 case for an extended period of time will be excluded from work for 14 days 

 If an employee answered NO to ALL the screening questions, we allow the employee to start their shift and remind them to:

  • Wash hands properly when necessary.
  • Not shake hands or make direct contact with any other employees or customers.
  • Continue to practice social distancing.

Will I be notified if one of LVAC’s instructors/employee test positive for COVID-19?

When a positive case is identified, whether at LVAC or elsewhere in the community, the Southern Nevada Health District initiates contact tracing to determine who may have come into close contact with the infected person. Once identified, these individuals will then be notified of the positive case. However, due to privacy, you will not be told the identity of the infected person.  all contact and communication with be done through the SNHD, not LVAC. 

Visit or call one of our locations for more information.

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