Equipment Spotlight: Hoist / Chin Dip Machine

LVAC Equipment Spotlight - Hoist Chin Dip MachinePURPOSE: Complete Upper Body Workout

EXERCISES: Dips, Pull-ups, Chin-ups


  • 14 exercise variations, 7 with assistance, and 7 without.
  • Flip `N Grip™ handles that allow users to perform neutral grip pull-ups and narrow grip chin-ups.
  • Rock-climbing handles that develop finger, wrist, arm, and shoulder strength.
  • Foot plate adjustment to accommodate assisted and unassisted exercise positions.

The genius behind the Hoist Chin/Dip machine is the counterbalanced weight design, which means the higher the weight you set on the machine’s weight stack, the easier the exercise becomes.

For instance, if you weigh 180 pounds, and set the machine to 100 pounds, you will actually be moving 80 pounds. As you get stronger, you can lower the machine’s weight and you will be using more of your own body weight. Eventually, you will be able to avoid the counterbalance assistance and use all of your actual body weight as resistance.


Pull-ups/Chin-ups: Upper Back, Shoulders and Biceps Dips: Chest, Triceps and Shoulders


This machine can be used for every upper body workout. You can use it as your primary exercise apparatus, or as a supplement to other equipment.

MY FAVORITE WORKOUT: My favorite workout on the Hoist Chin/Dip is called, “The Upper Body Ladder.”

Start by using a high counterbalanced weight, making your work load relatively light. You should be using less than half of your body weight. Then, do 20 pull/chin ups. Try mixing up the hand positions to work slightly different muscles. After your pull/chin ups, switch to the dip position and do 20 reps. Take a sip of water for a micro rest, then decrease the weight and do 15 reps. Repeat the process until you complete 20, 15, 12, 10, 8 and 5 reps on both pull-ups/chin-ups and dips. The pump is off the charts.

If you need any help with the Hoist Chin/Dip Assist, or any other machine in the club, just ask one of LVAC’s Coaches.

Hoist Dip Machine Guide