Wellness Technology: Transforming Your Health

Transforming Your Health with Technology

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is a global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow that takes place every January in Las Vegas, where the latest in the technology from virtual reality to health and wellness is showcased. Ever since wearable technology for wellness came to market, health and wellness professionals have helped the public understand what the information provided by the new technologies means to them and their wellness goals. After all, the technology just gives you numbers on a screen unless you have personal goals to create lasting behavior change. The newest technology of sensors and analytic software are paving the way for automated behavior change and coaching in real-time. Adding the touch of a personal trainer or dietitian into the wellness equation will help you to utilize your wearable for maximum results. The following information is a small snippet of the exciting wellness technology that I found at this year’s CES. 

Wellness Genetic Testing

Nothing can be more specific than genetic testing for wellness. There are several testing options available on the market. Orig3n offered me the nutrition assessment called FUEL. Upon receiving my results, within the 4 weeks as promised, I was amazed at what my genetics say about how I experience food, liquids, and the effects they have on my body. For instance, I am a stellar caffeine metabolizer! 

MyGenomeBox is the first high-security cloud platform that stores your genome data and makes it available to you on-demand through related DNA apps. Basically, MyGenomeBox sequences your DNA and keeps it safe. Then you can use DNA-based apps that are related to your DNA information. This program offers a lot more than wellness application. Users can find people around the world that have similar genetic traits. This creates the ability to form communities that share your interests in health and recommends suitable products for your DNA make-up.  

If you want a more personalized touch, Genomics Personalized Health (GPH) specializes in connecting individuals with healthcare professionals that provide genetic counseling for prevention and aging. Through their service, you can gain insights about correlations between your genetics and metabolism, disease and your general state of health.


Ozmo smart cup

The Moikit and Ozmo can help you with your hydration goals. Both vessels sync with their own hydration app or other fitness tracking apps.  The app that is designed for the Moikit and the Ozmo allows you to personalize your hydration goals. The Ozmo cup looks like a travel coffee mug, is BPA-free, and has a 16-ounce fluid capacity. The 3 LED lights on the side of the cup display the progress towards your daily goals.  If you are looking for a bottle instead of a cup, the Moikit is a stainless-steel bottle that has an interactive LED touch screen lid. The lid displays real-time water temperature and also displays your daily water consumption. The system will warn you if the water is dangerously hot or stale. 

Real-Time Coaching 

Actofit Band

The smartest bands are now not just tracking, they are also coaching. Yes, the Autofit can actually tell you if your form for a biceps curl is not only correct but optimal. The technology Actofit has created also logs your workouts; so no more beat-up journals next to your weight bench. It tracks workouts, heart rate (without a chest band), and lift form. There are other bands out that can track, but this technology will revolutionize the way trainers will be able to help you achieve your goals by using this tracking and analyzing the application.   

If you want the coaching and encouragement, but don’t want a standard type of wearable, check out these headphones. The KUAIFIT headphones provide adaptive live voice coaching with clinical validated technology, accurate sensors, and algorithms. There are training plans available for download from top coaches and Olympic athletes.The headphones also give you instant voice feedback on heart rate, current speed, distance, and calories, all while listening to your own music playlist. Since they are waterproof up to 3 meters deep, they are great in helping you meet any swimming goals. 

Wearable Technology Rings

Motiv technology ring

Not in love with the sporty look of your wearable? If you don’t want to advertise that you have health and fitness goals or you would rather wear a nice piece of jewelry instead of a plastic wrapped microchip, tracking rings might end up being your thing. The Muse, NIMB, and Motiv are all rings. 

The NIMB is a smart ring with a panic button. For those of you that exercise outside, this ring will allow you to alert pre-set responders with your location and profile. Motiv won the CES 2017 Innovation award for wearable technology. This ring focuses on fitness tracking such as active minutes, heart rate, distance, and steps, along with sleep tracking. The most comprehensive ring is the Muse. The Muse has all the aforementioned functions from security alerts to tracking of activity, steps, and sleep. It also works as a remote control for your devices with its Dynamic Swipe Technology. You will be able to control your music, apps, and calls with a swipe of the ring. 


Oria Sensor Wake

We love sleep, but as a nation, we just don’t get enough of it. In our 24-7 city of Las Vegas, shift working and a busy life sometimes take priority over sleep. The Oria and the SleepPhones are two technologies that strive to help you fall asleep faster, sleep longer, and have a better overall quality of sleep. 

Oria uses patented sleep-enhancing fragrances and flavors. These fragrances have been clinically studied and shown to help you feel more relaxed, fall asleep faster, along with sleeping better and longer. Two patented scents are used; one helps you relax and fall asleep while the other helps you stay in deep-phase sleep for better sleep quality.

Sleep Phones

Some people need white noise to sleep or to block out a snoring partner. SleepPhones are moisture-wicking, soft and comfortable wireless headphones. They were specifically designed to help you sleep without having to use hard ear buds. 


This is one area where we were able to see how amazing sensor technology has advanced! Vegas and an alcohol wearable? Yes, you heard me right. This bracelet is the perfect gift for the 21-year-old, or for that matter, anyone who lives in Vegas and drinks alcohol. The Proof wearable bracelet can detect through the skin on your wrist (via perspiration), your blood alcohol content, how long it will take you to bring the content down, and create alerts for when you hit pre-selected blood alcohol levels. 

For more info on health and wellness, reach out to Crystal Petrello, MS, RD, and founder of partyrightlife.com