LVAC’s Holiday Gift Guide

Raise your hand if you’re a fitness enthusiast or you’ve been tasked with shopping for one this holiday season! Okay we can’t actually see you raising your hand, but chances are, if you’re reading this then you fall into one of the two categories.

We rounded up the hottest gifts to buy this holiday season for your favorite fitness enthusiast:

You are not a true fitness junkie until you own one of these. This massage devise is compact but sturdy, and is designed to relieve even the deepest tensions. The Hypervolt delivers a symphony of power, performance, and variability. Designed to accelerate warmup and recovery.

Good music with good sound quality while working out? Who wouldn’t love that? Get the fitness junkie in your life these earphones for a boosted workout experience.

Mount the phone tightly as you run, bike, or even hike with this phone arm band. It is also easy to access your phone to text, call or look up the nearest location for your post-workout snack.

Whether your working out indoor, outdoor, at the gym, going to the pool, a belt-bag is always a good idea.

For the runner in your life – another pair of running shoes to add to their collection is never too much.

We might all have dumbbells and bars to lift. But what about kettlebells? Kettlebells are one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment that makes a great gift for the fitness junkie in your life.

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