Group Classes

Always bring a towel and water in a closed container. Give your body and brain 3 – 5 classes to learn the new movements. If you are new to a class, allow your body to back off by practicing an easier option. Let your instructor know if you are new and if you have any injuries or are pregnant.


Aqua fitness classes can be very challenging. Water is a great source of resistance while at the same time forgiving on joints and chronic injuries.

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Cardio & Dance

Cardio classes are designed to raise your heart rate and to get large muscle groups working. Everyone’s level of cardio fitness is different.

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High Intensity & Strength

High Intensity/Strength formats are designed to enhance muscular strength endurance, speed, agility, and body composition.

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Low Intensity

These classes are more forgiving on one’s joints and provide low intensity formats that are designed to provide a strong workout while still raising your heart rate. These classes reduce the agility, speed and muscular endurance needed for our higher more impact formats.

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Mind & Body

Mind/Body classes are designed to improve balance, flexibility and core strength, as well as practice body awareness and mindfulness.

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