LVAC Woman

a gym by women, for women.

About LVAC Woman

LVAC Woman is a gym-within-a-gym designed for women by women to exercise in a spacious, private and clean area, and on equipment tailored just for you.

What You’ll Find

01. Strength & Cardio
Whether you walk, stair climb or run, at LVAC Woman you can go at your own pace. We offer an expansive variety of cardio, machines and free weights so you have the flexibility to train how you want, when you want. Hustle for that muscle.


02. Community
We love women who empower other women! This private gym is a great place to connect with other women who enjoy working out and challenging themselves to look better, feel better and do better. Find your tribe, sis.

03. Privacy
We want you to feel 100% confident and carefree during your workout. This is a safe space to break a sweat, explore new exercises and machines, and set personal bests. Leave your reservations at the door and workout freely. You do you, girl.

peace of mind

04. Peace of Mind
We know how special your gym time is. One or two hours of uninterrupted, free-from-distraction ME time. For this reason, we equipped LVAC Woman with TV monitors so you can see your little ones in our Playroom. This is your time.

More Than Just A Coach

If you’re just getting started and could use a little guidance, our experienced Women Specialists can help. They can show you how to use equipment, answer questions, put you through a workout and help you reach your fitness goals. If you want to connect with a Women’s Specialist just email

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