Toshie’s Incredible “Making Lives Better” Story

Join Toshie Bertsch, a 63-year-old group fitness instructor, as she unveils the transformative chapters of her “Making Lives Better” story. Delve into the impressive physical achievements she has conquered, showcasing the dedication and resilience that define her path to well-being.”

How long have you’ve been an LVAC member?    

I’ve been a member for 24 years!

What was your life like before you started your fitness journey? 

Making Lives Better: Toshie Bertsch

I was always active growing up and loved playing outside. I was a 8th grade competitive 800m track athlete and went to the Tokyo final. After that, I knew I wanted to go into a career where I could be active.  
What prompted you to start your fitness journey? 

Making Lives Better: Toshie Bertsch

I became a fitness instructor in Japan when I was 24 years old. My active childhood really influenced me to go into the fitness industry. I knew working out would lead to living a long, happy life with great mental and physical health. 

Describe your transformation – including how you started and the progress you have made – not just physically, but mentally as well.    

MLB Story: Toshie at CrossFit

I started as a fitness instructor in Japan, then a runner, then a body builder (Miss Tokyo 4th place) then a triathlete, and now focused in my LVAC classes and CrossFit training. Mentally and physically, I am challenging my body more than ever and happy to have more of a functional fitness base overall. 

What are your current fitness goals 

My goal for 2024: Handstand walks! And taking on more weights 🙂 

How has your fitness journey changed your perspective in life?  

MLB Story: Toshie regularly participates in marathons.

My fitness journey taught me never to give up and never take my health for granted. My body has surprised me with the things it can do and am grateful for it everyday. 

What role has nutrition played in your journey?

Nutrition has played a huge role. I think PFC balance is important. I cook 90% of my meals and make sure to have lots of veggies and protein. My bento boxes are my treasure 🙂 I’ve been on a gluten free diet for a 10 years and fast for 13 hours every day.

How has LVAC been a part of this transformation? 

The LVAC community has really supported me in all phases of my fitness and teaching styles at the gym. I started at LVAC as a member then transitioned into an instructor. From day 1, the staff and members really help me to keep pushing and doing my best and I am happy to be surrounded by others with the same mindset as me every day. 

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Who has supported you during your transformation?

MLB Story: Toshie and her family

My family. They always come to my races/competitions and work out with me too. 

What would you advise someone who is struggling to get healthy? 

Start with any movement/exercise you like and find a community that likes it too. Finding other people that have the same interests and goals as you will keep you motivated – just as LVAC has done for me :). And it’s never too late to create healthy habits for yourself! 

Toshie’s relentless dedication to physical excellence exemplifies our “Making Lives Better” series by showcasing the transformative impact of commitment and inspiring others to prioritize their well-being. Her story underscores the interconnectedness of physical and mental health, promoting a holistic approach to personal growth and fulfillment. We are honored to have been able to share her journey alongside our other amazing “Making Lives Better” stories.

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