45 Health Tips for 45 Years – Part 1

In 2023, as we return to a sense of normalcy and recover from a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, we enter a new era of health and wellness. During the last almost three years, as the pandemic raged on the community most impacted by the virus were the elderly and those with serious underlying health conditions.  Moving forward, our takeaway is that a healthy lifestyle has never been more important. In celebration of our 45th Anniversary and this new era of health, we have pulled together our top 45 health tips. We will gradually share the tips over the next three Insiders to make them easier to digest. These 45 health tips should provide a strong foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Although so much has changed, we believe the principles established more than 50 years ago by Jack LaLanne, the Godfather of Fitness, are still true today: Exercise and food are medicine. We can choose to feed our bodies and minds with healthy medicine or choose destructive junk food. “Exercise is King, nutrition is Queen, put them together and you’ve got a Kingdom.” – Jack LaLanne.

1. It’s important to take personal responsibility for your health by focusing on health and wellness instead of sickness and illness. Opt for prevention and lifestyle instead of medication and surgery.

2. Part of taking personal responsibility for your health is getting an annual physical. No one enjoys going to the doctor, but you can’t get or stay fit if you’re sick. Your yearly physical should include a basic blood panel to check your triglyceride, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels.

3. In addition to getting a yearly physical, we recommend taking an InBody body composition analysis to track your progress and determine your baseline health parameters. This will measure your body fat, lean muscle mass, blood pressure, and basal metabolic rate. Please see one of our coaches for the InBody test and watch this video for information on how to interpret your results.

4. Download the LVAC app to find out what LVAC offers including your BioAge (relative health age). We advise finding your BioAge as the final metric of your baseline health assessments before setting goals. See one of our Coaches to assist you with your BioAge assessment.

5. A crucial part of your fitness journey is setting goals. Once you have all your baseline health measurements, you can then determine how best to proceed. Set SMART Goals by asking yourself: Specifically, what do you want to achieve? How will you Measure it? Is it Attainable? Is it Realistic? What is the Timeframe I will achieve it?

6. Use every day as an opportunity to move in a meaningful way. Take a walk with the dogs, or use the stairs instead of the elevator. You can also add some weight to a backpack and walk with it to burn more calories.

7. Drink the recommended amount of water daily, 1 oz. per kilo of body weight (100 lbs. equates to about 45 kilos). The InBody assessment also measures hydration levels. Remember 1 glass of water is normally 8 ounces.

8. Get the recommended amount of sleep daily; 6-8 hours. This will significantly improve your metabolism and energy. Most people intuitively understand that getting enough sleep improves physical and mental performance and wellbeing.

9. The fitness journey is not a straight path. Prepare for setbacks! Just remember that success is determined by perseverance and attainable goals. The more you achieve your goals you will find this to be true… the journey is the destination!

10. Build a community or small group to achieve goals and keep a healthy mindset. Social support is critical for most people to achieve their goals. When times are tough, lean on your support team (family, friends, online, etc.) and celebrate the wins.

11.Don’t sacrifice strength training over cardio exercise. Longer life and the quality of life is the result of strength training and cardio.

12. As the Bible says- take time for rest and recovery. Yoga, meditation, prayer, breathing, sauna, whirlpool/jacuzzi, cold shower/pool, cryotherapy, or percussion therapy with a massage gun or a massage.

13. One of the cornerstones of LVAC’s Transform Program is the use of MyFitnessPal for food and exercise journaling. This tool is a great way to stay on course with your weight loss goals and track calories. MyFitnessPal hosts a wealth of health and nutritional tips that will keep you up-to-date and informed. Since MyFitnessPal links to the LVAC app, your Coach or personal trainer can also access all your vital information.

14. Get the recommended exercise per week: 150 minutes. Studies show that exercising 20-30 minutes per day can drastically lower your risk of heart disease and stroke — improving your life and enabling you to live better!

15. Visualize the win using mental imagery! It will be challenging, but think about what this process will look like, how you will win, and how good it will feel when you do! Look Better, Feel Better, Do Better…Live Better!

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