LVAC Members’ Best Gym Moments of 2023

In a mix of awesome experiences and shared wins, our dedicated members graciously submitted their best gym moments of 2023. Each submission is a testament to the incredible community spirit and personal achievements that define our gym. From conquering personal fitness milestones to celebrating moments of camaraderie, let’s delve into the cherished memories and inspiring stories our enthusiastic members offer. 

What was your best gym moment of 2023? 

When I hit 80 on bicep curl

Best Gym Moments of 2023:Bicep Curl

Definitely attending coach Joseph’s body combat classes

Best Gym Moments of 2023: Body Combat

Zumba with friends! Full of joy, smiles and fun. 


Signing up at LVAC!! That simple. 💪 

Best Gym Moments of 2023: Signing Up

Increasing my PFA to a 98!

Personal Wellness Exam

My first Dancefit class! I have been every week since. Anika is amazing! 

Best Gym Moments of 2023:DanceFit

I joined your gym last week and am looking forward to a transformation!! 

Personal Training

Working out with my dad after returning home from the military. 

Workout Buddy

When I hit that Triceps PR

Best Gym Moments of 2023: Triceps PR

Returning home from marine corps boot camp and hitting 225IBs again It helped me with my confidence and the art of discipline 

Best Gym Moments of 2023: Hitting 225IBs

Hitting my goal of losing 186 pounds and falling in love with bodypump classes.

Body Combat

Thank you to the members who graciously shared their best gym moments of 2023 on Instagram. We can’t wait for another year filled with even more inspiring and memorable achievements!

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