Couple Crushes Calories: Junior & Angelina’s Fitness Journey

JR and Angelina’s LVAC Story

As members of LVAC many of us have frequented The Juice Bar and have had the pleasure of engaging with JR and his wife Angelina. Their charming personalities are matched only by their dedication and enthusiasm for providing delicious, healthy smoothies, wraps and more to members who have become friends.

Like many of us, JR and Angelina have overcome setbacks, plateaus and obstacles along their fitness journey, but they didn’t give up. Their resilience and perseverance are inspiring. Having lost more than 150 pounds collectively, JR and Angelina not only look incredible but also feel stronger and more energetic today than they did 10 years ago.

LVAC: What was your turning point when deciding to get into shape?

JR: My son. He was 4 1/2 years old, full of energy and enthusiasm. He wanted to run, play and laugh, but I couldn’t give him those things. I was tired and could barely walk down the street without having to stop and catch my breath. I wanted a better life for him, so I made a change.

LVAC: What made you decide to workout at LVAC?

JR: At the Juice Bar, we’ve been part of the LVAC family for many years. We’ve had access to the best gym in all of Las Vegas, so we knew we needed to take advantage of it. Our schedules are incredibly busy so being able to work out any time of day was important.

LVAC: What do you enjoy about LVAC?

JR: The people. The support and motivation we get from other members has helped us keep pushing towards our goals. The members have become our friends and we’re deeply appreciative. Additionally, we have fallen in love with fitness so the variety of equipment – weights, machines and cardio – is great! We could never pick between upper body or leg day. We want to do both!

LVAC: Did you have any plateaus or setbacks? And if so, what helped you overcome?

Angelina: Lots! The cravings, the exhaustion, the bad habits… This journey has not been easy. We’ve had good days and bad, including overeating and making poor food choices. However, when I wake up, I remember that every day is a new day and I get back on track.

LVAC: Who has been your biggest support or biggest support system?

Angelina: Each other. We pep talk the other when they need it. When I’m feeling motivated, I try to pass that motivation along to JR and he does that for me.

LVAC: Favorite cheat meal?

Both (in unison) | Sushi, pizza and ice cream!

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