Damon’s Empowering “Making Lives Better” Story

Damon’s LVAC Story

Met Damon Damato, a dedicated member of LVAC since 1986! 🌟

In this exclusive interview for “Making Lives Better”, Damon takes us back to when he first embarked on his fitness adventure at 14. His passion for lifting was sparked by iconic figures like Jack Lalane, Frank Zane, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Lee Haney.

Fast forward to 1986! Damon officially became a member of LVAC, marking the beginning of a transformative fitness odyssey. But that’s not all—Damon is more than just a fitness enthusiast. He’s the founder of “Chi United” and “The Healing Sanctuary”, a nonprofit helping veterans and First Responders overcome PTSD, anxiety, and depression through breathwork and physical fitness.

Damon Damato

Damon shares how Chi United is making lives better by empowering individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, and PTSD through the transformative power of breathwork. At LVAC, they integrate physical fitness as a vital component of this holistic approach, helping individuals build the confidence to conquer both mental and physical obstacles.

Damon’s journey truly embodies the core principles of “Making Lives Better” and we’re proud to have him as a member at LVAC. Read on for further insights at his interview.

Damon speaking with military personnel

Damon’s “Making Lives Better” Interview

How long have you been an LVAC member? 

Since 1986 (38 years)!!!

What prompted you to start your fitness journey? 

I’ve been training for 40 years and was inspired by Jack Lalane, Frank Zane, Arnold Schwarzenegger & Lee Haney.

Describe your physical and mental fitness journey- including how you started and your progress.

My parents bought me a set of starter weights. I had every magazine started supplements from Joe Weider and religiously followed programs I would read. It helped me stay out of trouble and focus on my grades, and it gave me confidence in public and with girls.

How has LVAC been a part of your journey? 

LVAC was the 1st real gym I had a membership to. It is a place to destress, feel like I belong, and do the work necessary to be mentally, physically, and emotionally strong. 

Who has supported you during your journey?

Honestly, it was all on me… Both my parents were not healthy so my intensity to training came from seeing especially how my dad was so unhealthy… I did not want to be like him regarding health, so I became obsessive and laser-focused on being the best I could be. He had heart conditions, and they amputated his foot. He was diabetic and died of heart disease. That will never be my fate, and now I’m a living embodiment of the healthiest of lifestyles. 

The Healing Sanctuary - Making Lives Better
How has your fitness journey changed your perspective in life? 

Train to Live ~ Live to Train!

What role has nutrition played in your journey? 

Bodies are made in the kitchen! Mic drop…

What are your current fitness goals? 

To keep this level of fitness & vitality up for the next 30 years! 

What would you advise someone who is struggling to get healthy? 

Take it one day at a time. Know that it is a marathon, not a sprint. Be consistent with your goals. Eat right and get into the LVAC at least four days a week. That is a Win, baby!

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Learn more about Damon and his mission to help individuals overcome metabolic health challenges of today, and strengthen their sobriety here. 

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