Home Hustle 2

Workout from home with these fat-burning routines. Grab a towel and get to work! This week’s routine is a bit more challenging than last week in order to keep your body guessing and progressing. If you have weights at home, let’s put them to work. If not, here are some great options:

Dumbbell or Kettlebell Alternatives: Jug of water, milk, laundry detergent; plastic bags filled with a few cans.

Barbell Alternatives: Fill up a backpack with a few cans, and strap it on. Perfect for weighted squats or lunges.

Cardio Alternatives: If you don’t have a safe or convenient place to go for a jog or run, try any of these movements: burpees, mountain climbers, jogging in place, air squats, jump squats, lunge jumps, lunges, broad jumps, and high knees.

Day 1

15 minute AMRAP – As Many Reps as Possible

10 Dumbbell or Kettlebell swings 

5 snatches (each hand)

10 minute AMRAP 

10 overhead lunge (each hand)

10 single arm thruster (each hand) 

Day 2

10 minute AMRAP

10 goblet squats 

10 burpees 

15 minute AMRAP 

5 turkish get ups (each arm)

5 single leg deadlifts (each leg)

5 single arm rows (each arm)

Day 3

5 rounds:

30 Snatch (each hand)

20 Overhead lunge (each hand)

10 Overhead squat (each hand)

Day 4

4 rounds:

50 Bicep Curls (If you have workout bands, this is a great time to use them!)

40 Press

30 Reverse fly 

20 DB pushup 

10 DB sit up

Finisher: 20 minute jog OR 50 burpees!

Day 5

Take this workout outside, if possible. Sunshine is good for the soul!

2 rounds: 

Run .25 mi (or 1 block)

25 squat jumps

25 lunge jumps

25 skater jumps 

2 rounds:

Run .25 mi

25 pushups 

25 sit ups 

25 mountain climbers

Day 6 

1 minute plank hold 

1 minute supermans 

1 minute shoulder taps 

1 minute lateral lunge 

1 minute lateral lunge 

1 minute lunge jumps 

1 minute mountain climbers 

1 minute leg lifts 

1 minute toe touchers 

10 yard sprints or 50 burpees

Day 7

REST DAY or ACTIVE RECOVERY (Yoga, Meditation, Walk Outdoors)

James Hamill

Fitness & Training
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