From Member to Group Fitness Instructor: Anyika’s Fitness Journey

Anyika’s LVAC Story

If you recognize the face in this story, you have probably been in one of her awesome DanceFIT classes. Anyika’s fitness journey landed her at LVAC where she has become a valued member of the LVAC group fitness team. She is a Las Vegas native, works in computer graphics and is currently attending the University of Phoenix. She is also a busy single mom with a 17-year-old son.

LVAC: What were the experiences that brought you to the healthy lifestyle you now lead?

ANYIKA: I am the youngest in a family of three kids. I have an amazing and supportive mom, but my dad passed away from heart issues when I was just 16. When I found my weight had reached almost 200 pounds and I began struggling with my own health issues, I knew that I needed to make some changes. I was tired of trying all the quick fixes and decided that this time, I would do it the right way.

LVAC: What changes did you make to your lifestyle?

ANYIKA: The first thing I did was was clean up my diet. Then I hit the gym. I started eating three to four small, healthy meals a day and increased my water intake. I began having success fairly quickly, but when I hit my first plateau it was very frustrating for me. For an entire month, I experienced no weight loss at all. I had already lost 20 pounds though, so I was not going to give up. So, I began taking different group fitness classes, and changed my diet to include six small meals a day. I continued to be consistent and disciplined, and within five more months I was down to 130 pounds.

LVAC: How have you been able to maintain your weight and your workout routine?

ANYIKA: I have had some ups and downs, but my weight has remained fairly stable for about seven years. Being consistent is the one thing that has really helped me. I have to stick to my plan every day and when I don’t, I get right back on track, ASAP. I also stopped eating late at night and cut out a lot of the junk food.

LVAC: How has LVAC helped you to reach your fitness goals?

ANYIKA: Since becoming a group fitness instructor at LVAC, I have made so many amazing friends who keep me committed to my personal fitness goals. To be honest, my comfort zone is dance- I love, love, love DANCEFIT, but I have also been trying other group fitness formats, like H.E.A.T, Kettle Bell, and Body Pump. LVAC has so many great classes and participating in a variety of different classes has taken my fitness journey to a whole new level. Because of all the classes LVAC offers, it’s easy to fit one into my busy schedule. Now I can’t make any excuses for not going!

LVAC: How is your life different now that you have lost weight and improved your level of fitness?

ANYIKA: I feel great. Since losing the weight and being consistent with my workouts, I’m no longer on any medication. When I’m in the gym, I feel so happy and stress free. Being fit has made me much more confident. I am even thinking about entering a fitness competition one day.

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