LVAC’s Exclusive AquaPwr Class: Torch calories while staying cool!

As Las Vegas temperatures rise and the sun beams down, what better way to stay active and cool off than by immersing yourself in our pools. While the act of swimming provides relief from the sweltering heat, it also offers a number of fitness advantages, from a full-body workout that engages all major muscle groups to low-impact movements that alleviate stress on joints. Swimming is a versatile and enjoyable activity that can help you achieve your fitness goals.  

It’s time to shatter the misconceptions about exercising in the pool. While it’s true that water-based workouts can provide a gentle and joint-friendly option for individuals with mobility concerns, the benefits of working out in our Liquid Room extends far beyond the pool being used as just a rehabilitation environment. AquaPwr is a heart-pounding, full-body workout with elements of HIIT, agility and strength training. 

Aquatic exercises, along with swimming, offer a unique blend of resistance, buoyancy, and fluidity that make them highly effective for people of all ages and fitness levels. The water’s natural resistance challenges muscles, increases strength and endurance, while the buoyancy reduces impact, minimizing the risk of injury. Additionally, the pool’s supportive environment allows for a full-body workout that engages muscles at times not innervated in traditional land-based exercises. This dynamic AquaPwr class also incorporates a multitude of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) moves. Participants in this class use an Aquabag. This is a unique training tool that you can fill with water to increase weight, thus increasing the intensity of your workout. These Aquabags can be filled with water up to 50lbs., effectively making them aqua sandbags.

By combining aqua bags and a HIIT workout, AquaPwr challenges your muscles in several different ways. The added resistance from the aqua bag in the water increases the intensity of your workout, helping to build strength, power, and muscle endurance. Moreover, stabilizing the shifting weight engages your core muscles, improving overall stamina and balance. AquaPwr combines these with punches and kicks in the water for an even more heart-pumping workout. Some of the foundational exercises with the aqua bag in this class are:

  • Bag pike: Improves core strength by holding your Aquabag in front of you at shoulder height and lifting both legs up to touch it. The Bag Pike provides maximum core engagement.
  • Bag drag: Drag your aqua bag through the water against resistance while running from one end of the pool to the other, working your entire body.
  • Bag shoot: Pulling the bag between your legs is a strength exercise that also ties in with agility and mimics a kettle bell swing.
  • Bag toss: This takes your workout to another level. Lifting the Aquabag and throwing it, provides a full body challenge using legs, glutes, core, shoulders and arms. How much water you put in the bag determines your results.

This new class is only available at LVAC North, but will be coming to more LVAC locations in the coming months. Aqua shoes are highly recommended.

Grab your swimsuit, don your goggles, and get ready to reap the incredible fitness benefits of AquaPwr, all while staying cool in Las Vegas’ scorching summer! Check out for updated group fitness schedules.

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