The Best Skincare Routine for Active Women

Exercise offers a long list of incredible health benefits such as better heart function, sharper focus, improved emotional well-being, and reduced stress. But did you know people that workout regularly can also enjoy younger-looking skin? 

Recent studies have acknowledged the ability of regular workouts to support a healthier and glowing complexion. The reason for this benefit is that high-intensity workouts increase blood flow and nourish skin cells, vital for impeccable skin.

In other words, your workouts not only keep you fit it could also help turn back the clock! While that sure sounds great for all active women. However, if you don’t take care of your skin post-workout, it could lead to acne and other skin issues. Luckily, a few mindful steps before and after your workout is all it takes to improve your skin and minimize skin damage.

Let’s jump straight into simple dos and don’ts during and after a workout, which may solve most skin issues.

During Workout

#1 Use a gentle towel.
Fluffy towels please your senses, but they also tend to harbor bacteria in their nooks and crannies even after a wash! Instead of thick or fluffy towels, use clean, medium-thick ones that absorb sweat and reduce the risk of bacteria latching onto its fibers.  

#2 Avoid Touching your face.
Even a five-year-old would dish out this advice thanks to all the TV ads since the pandemic. It is a golden rule if you use multiple apparatuses that others also use; touching your face will increase the risk of bacterial skin infection.

After Workout

#3 Avoid staying in sweaty clothes.
Wearing sweaty workout clothes for too long can lead to yeast growth. Tight, non-breathable gym clothes encourage sweat and moisture to stay and make for a perfect medium for yeast growth. Those who re-wear the workout clothes without washing, beware of this habit! Moist clothes and a warm environment make a perfect breeding ground for fungal growth within 24- 48 hours. There is a high risk of exposing your skin to fungi that may have flourished in unwashed gym clothes.

#4 Shower soon after your workout.
While this seems obvious, failing to do so clogs the pores of your skin. Moreover, sweating creates a warm and wet environment that makes it easier for bacteria to flourish. If you can’t shower immediately, wash your face post-workout to gently cleanse the bacteria, oil, and sweat residue accumulated after the workout. 

#5 Hydrate with water-laden produces.
Choose to eat water-laden produce and fruit-infused water to hydrate. Taking water-laden veggies and fruits provides minerals and vitamins that nourish your skin. Besides, these are packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds that reduce the risk of acne and other skin issues. If you take hydration drinks, steer clear of added sugars. Sugar increases inflammation and sabotages skin health. 

#6 Never scrub.
Your skin is most vulnerable post-workout, and scrubbing your face could lead to inflammation and redness. A better option is to use gentle cleansing soap to refresh your skin. Moreover, exercise promotes skin turnover, which is enough of a boost and eliminates the need to use harsh scrubbing to exfoliate.

The bottom line, keep it simple and take a minimalistic approach. When it comes to post-workout skincare, less is more! Skip the toners, scrubs, or exfoliators and opt for gentle cleansers and hydrating formulas. Remind yourself that skincare is not exclusive to the face; your neck and the rest of your body also require attention post-workout. As always, proper hydration and good nutrition go hand-in-hand with these post-workout routines that promote skin that glows with vibrance!

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