The Convenience of LASIK for Fitness and Sports Enthusiasts

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Your chalk-dusted hands grip the bar as you prime yourself, ready for the next pull. As you strain with every fiber of your being, the weights heave. Sweat droplets plunge towards your eyes, and your vision stings. As you swing up in the movement, one of your contact lenses slips, and with it your personal best. 

So close!

As an athlete or fitness enthusiast, maintaining clear, unobstructed vision is crucial to achieving personal bests, and striving towards competition success. Visual aids like corrective lenses and glasses can cause irritation, become damaged, or will outright prevent you from participating in some activities, which makes them more hassle than they’re worth. For on-the-go sports travelers, there’s an extra layer of annoyance, because if those glasses or contact lenses break or get misplaced, you’re left without vision unless you’ve packed enough extra supplies. Imagine being stranded at a meet in a new location, without the ability to see! Stressful.

The solution? LASIK.

LASIK, or Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis, is a type of refractive eye surgery that uses a laser to reshape your eye’s cornea (the clear, dome-shaped layer that covers the front of your eye). Your cornea plays a crucial role in focusing light into the eye, which is what helps you to see, and it protects your eye from dust, germs, and other harmful particles.

If you have a refractive error like nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), or astigmatism (irregularly shaped eye), your ability to see objects sharply and with clarity whether they are near or far is hampered. LASIK improves on this by correcting the error, allowing you to see without the need for visual aids. The best part is that LASIK has a high success rate, only takes a few minutes per eye, and is painless with a low recovery time.

7 Reasons To Get LASIK as a Sports and Fitness Enthusiast

Simple answer: it’s convenient.  The long answer? You’ll get all the following benefits:

  1. Compete In Water-Based Activities. One of the biggest benefits of LASIK for sports and fitness travelers is the ability to compete in water-based activities without worrying about glasses or contacts. Swimmers, surfers, and other water sports enthusiasts often find that glasses and contacts are a hindrance to their performance. Glasses can easily fall off while swimming, and contacts can become dislodged, causing discomfort and blurry vision. With LASIK, athletes can enjoy clear vision without the need for corrective eyewear, allowing them to fully focus on their sport and perform at their best. Additionally, LASIK eliminates the need for prescription goggles, providing more options for athletes when it comes to equipment.

  2. Never Miss Out On The Sights. Imagine traveling abroad to participate in a tournament, only to find yourself with some downtime for sightseeing adventures. With LASIK, not only can you be sure that you’ll be able to perform in your sport, but you’ll get to explore the new place you’re in without the inconvenience of packing bulky cases or carrying extra supplies with you. Plus, if you happen upon an outdoor activity you want to do, like skydiving or hiking to a remote location, you can without the hindrance of eyeglasses or contacts.

  3. Never Lose Your Glasses/Contacts Abroad.  To expand on the point above, imagine the hassle of forgetting your prescription eyeglasses on the plane! The chance of getting them back is slim to none, and if you’re in a foreign country, getting replacements isn’t going to be easy. LASIK is convenient in this way, because you don’t have to worry about running out of contact solution, losing a lens, or forgetting your case on the plane or in the taxi. You can simply enjoy your travels to the fullest – it’s liberating.

  4. Say Goodbye to Dry Contacts & Irritation on Long Flights. As a sports traveler, it’s safe to say that sitting in transportation is something you likely do a lot of. And, if you’re an avid contact lens wearer, you’ve likely experienced the serious dry eye discomfort and irritation that comes with having them in for extended periods of time. Couple this with long flights, where the cabin pressure and dry air affects the eyes, this makes catching some sleep or enjoying the flight a trying experience. With LASIK, sports travelers can enjoy the freedom to see the world without worrying about putting their eye health at risk.

  5. Tackle All Weather Environments. For sports and fitness enthusiasts who travel to different parts of the world to compete have the advantage of being able to tackle all weather environments, without the worry of foggy glasses, rain droplets, or sweat interfering with your vision. Go ahead and tackle that snow-capped mountain, bike in that torrential downpour, or win a triathlon despite the heat – in any environment, your eyes have your back with clear, uncompromised vision.
  • Safety During Sports. Sports can pose a threat to your eyewear, as there’s always a chance of displacement or damage during a game or practice. Contact lenses carry a risk of infection, particularly when used in water. LASIK surgery eliminates both the risk of trauma and infection, making it a safer option for avid sports and fitness travelers.

  • Improved Performance – Hello Realistic Vision! In athletes who have a higher prescription, wearing glasses or contacts doesn’t always provide the most realistic vision, as you may experience odd magnifications or distortions in certain environments. This can be avoided with LASIK, as the surgery enhances your depth perception, and reaction time, giving you more accurate and realistic vision, which is vital for athletes.

At Las Vegas Athletic Clubs (LVAC), we understand that optimal physical performance isn’t just about physical strength and endurance, but also mental acuity and focus. If you’re an athlete or fitness enthusiast, you know that every millisecond counts, and even the slightest delay in reaction time, hand-eye coordination, and depth perception can impact how well you do. If you’re looking to travel the slopes, fly to remote hiking spots, or compete in all weather, then it’s time to unlock your vision with LASIK.  That’s why we’re partnering with Brimhall Eye, a trusted leader in LASIK surgery in Las Vegas, to offer our patrons a special discount on LASIK. Simply mention our name when you book your consultation, and you’ll save $1,000 for a limited time. It’s that easy.

Photography by Bacila Vlad

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