LVAC Olympic Lifting Clinic

LVAC Olympic Lifting Clinic

LVAC Olympic Lifting Clinic is a 2-hour clinic that ensures you leave equipped to snatch, clean, and jerk better than ever before. You’ll learn specific warm-up exercises, foundational drills, and advanced techniques where you will move some weight! This course is guaranteed to advance your lift whether you’re a beginner or already an expert.

During the first hour, you’ll learn techniques, drills, and specific warm-up exercises with PVC pipe and empty barbells. In the second hour, you’ll start moving some weight and apply what you learned under watchful coaching.

The clinic will be taught by James Hamill, USAW certified, former USAW Junior National Champion, and CrossFit L-1 instructor.

When and where:
You have the option of selecting either one of these dates Saturday, August 21 at LVAC North from 11 AM- 1 PM Saturday, August 28 at LVAC Henderson from 10 AM – 12 PM

Who is this for? Members looking to learn or improve their Olympic weight lifting technique. The clinic will focus on how to snatch, clean, and jerk. 

How long? 2 hours   

What is the cost: $40

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